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Support the Sure Foundations Campaign

University Liggett School is one of the country’s top educational institutions.
This is a place where students learn through experience. Where they discover their passions.  Students here uncover questions and are challenged to seek the answers.
University Liggett School is a place where students turn information into understanding.
The Sure Foundations campaign will shape these experiences for this generation of students and the generations that follow.

Campaign Donors

Sure Foundations Campaign
The Sure Foundations campaign is University Liggett School’s comprehensive campaign to raise $50 million to transform the campus over the next several years. The campaign supports the investment of a new athletic facility and fields and increasing endowment support. We thank those who have already committed their support.
Lead Donor: Gift of $4.25 Million
Mr. and Mrs. John A. and Marlene L. Boll
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Kristine Mestdagh
$1 Million - $3 Million
Ms. Elizabeth D. Black '77
Martha and William Clay Ford Foundation
Mrs. Janet A. Fruehauf '50 LIG & Mr. H. Richard Fruehauf, Jr. '48 DUS
Mrs. Donna Marie Iukov Joity '65 GPUS & Mr. John F. Joity
Richard and Jane Manoogian Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew T. Moroun '91
A. Paul and Carol C. Schaap Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Shelden, Jr. '68 GPUS
The Elizabeth, Allan & Warren Shelden Fund
Mr. John W. Stroh '78 & Mrs. Vivian W. Day '75
Drs. David '83 & Bernadine Wu
$500,000 - $999,999
Mr. James A. Fitzgerald '56 GPUS & Mrs. Patricia Langs Fitzgerald '58 LIG
Mr. & Mrs. Edsel B. Ford II '66 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Reilly
Steve Tait '71
Dr. & Mrs. Clyde Wu*
$100,000 - $499,999
Anonymous (1)
Bear Lake Club 1978
Mrs. John L. Booth
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ford III '98
Ms. Laura E. Ford '63 GPUS*
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Fruehauf '85
Dr. & Mrs. Georges B. Ghafari
Mrs. Richard B. Gushee*
Drs. Fikry & Mona Ibrahim
Mr. & Mrs. Atanas Ilitch
Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Nickson ’58 GPUS
Mrs. Elizabeth Kontulis '79 & Mr. Charles P. Kontulis II
Mr. & Mrs. David Nicholson
Mr. George M. Perrin '64 GPUS
Tom '80 and Laura Robinson
Dr. Karin Ryding '60 LIG
Mr. Stephen M. Stackpole '43 DUS*
Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan & Dr. Steven Gellman
Drs. Narayan P. & Neelam Verma
Mrs. Beth M. Wood '89 & Mr. Douglas M. Wood '90
$50,000 - $99,999
Mr. Daniel Bowen ’84 & Ms. Karen French
Dr. William S. Brusilow & Dr. Cynthia Bala-Brusilow
Mr. Jay L. Cooper IV '18
Mr. Richard P. Dahling '77 & Mrs. Nancy L. Sanborn
Mrs. Jane Ottaway Dow '51 CDS & Mr. Peter Dow
Dr. Joseph P. Healey
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Gargaro, Jr.
Ms. Lila M. LaHood '92
Mr. Michael A. LaHood '95
Patrick and Mary Mansfield
Ms. Kathryn R. McLaughlin '80*
Martha F. Morse '66 GPUS
Mr. Mathew A. VanderKloot '72
Mrs. Julia M. Whitney '48 LIG*
$25,000 - $49,999
Mr. & Mrs. John Ahee
Susan '87 and Michael Azar
Mrs. Anne Wood Birgbauer '62 GPUS & Mr. Bruce D. Birgbauer '60 GPUS
Ms. Libby C. Candler '75
Mrs. Nena E. Dahling '50 CDS
Mrs. Eleanor H. Durno '55 GPUS & Mr. John D. Durno
Mrs. Aileen M. Fellowes '35 LIG*
Mr. George A. Haggarty '59 GPUS
Jason and Stacey Hall
Hastings Family Fund
Gretchen and Mark Higbie '75
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Leonard
Mrs. Tomasine F. Marx '78 & Mr. William Marx
Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy '77
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Platt
Mr. & Mrs. David Quint
Katherine Duff Rines '67 GPUS
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck U. Shreve IV '70
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Simon
Mr. Christopher R. W. D. Stroh '12
Carl and Dawn von Bernuth '74
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin S. Warren III '73
$10,000 - $24,999
Dr. Marquita Bedway & Mr. Alger LaHood
Bart and Chrissy Bronk
Mrs. Jana Brownell '74 & Mr. Stephen C. Brownell
Doris Ann Brucker ’47 CDS
Mr. William Y. Campbell '72
Mr. William R. Chapin '66 GPUS
Mrs. Whitney A. Clay ’82
The Thomas and Carol Cracchiolo Foundation
Mrs. Lyn Robinson Darden '58 GPUS
Ms. Heather Diehl '87 & Mr. J.F. Bierlein
Miss Elizabeth H. Ferguson*
Ms. Anne C. Finnegan '75
Susan S. Ford ’63 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Garvey
John and Weezie ‘77 Gates Charitable Trust
Mr. Douglas J. Grimm
Mr. & Mrs. Britton L. Gordon, Jr.
Mrs. Patsy R. Gotfredson '80 & Mr. Edward Gotfredson
Kelley and Chad Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Holley ‘84
Jean Wright and Joseph L. Hudson Jr. Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Jerry, Jr.
Mrs. DeAnn M. Lukas ‘ 85 & Mr. Edwin J. Lukas
Mr. Thomas A. Mackey '53 DUS
Milner Hotels Foundation
Muddy Pond Trust
Mrs. Marjorie D. Noble*
Mrs. Lisa Cracchiolo Peracchio ’78 & Mr. John R. Peracchio ‘78
Sheila Peck Pettee '75
Mrs. Mary M. Roby '50 CDS
Mrs. Karolyn A. Sewell '64 LIG
Mr. Jeffrey Smith & Mrs. Lisa Vallee-Smith
Ms. Dorothy M. Stevenson*
Dr. & Mrs. Ari Thanasas
Susan Stuckey Thoms, M.D. '66 LIG
Ms. Dana M. Warnez '89
Ms. Mary K. Warren ‘81
Mrs. Anne D. Widlak '70
$5,000 - $9,999
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin W. Baird
Mrs. Kimberly Fruehauf Baubie '75
Mrs. Lindsey Buhl ’86 & Mrs. Thomas Buhl ‘86
The William and Wendy Campbell Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Connors
Mrs. Paula Mighion Cornwall ‘84
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Ford '96
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Getz ’70 & Mr. Arthur H. Getz, Jr. ’67 GPUS
Mr. & Dr. Cliff Grabowski
Patty Perry Grebe '76
Mr. & Mrs. C. K. Haggarty ‘86
Dr. & Mrs. Razmig Haladjian
Mr. John O. Hastings*
Michelle, Laura '08 and Zachary Hicks '11
Dr. & Mrs. John D. Hummel '79
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Hummel '78
Mrs. Josephine Ingle '67 GPUS & Mr. John W. Ingle, Jr.
Gail Perry Janutol '73
Peter '59 GPUS & Peggy Kross
F.W. "Sandy" McMillan ’56 GPUS & Family
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Megler
Mr. & Dr. Craig Melegari
Kristine L. Mighion, M.D. '82
Ms. Shernaz Minwalla
Mr. Peter Monroe ’61 GPUS & Mrs. Renee Monroe ’61 GPUS
Jennifer Dow Murphy '78
Mrs. Hedi A. O’Connor ‘89
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Petzold ’58 GPUS
Dr. James Pradko & Dr. Jacqueline Pradko
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Rose ‘77
Ken & Maureen Solak
Dr. Leigh Solomon & Dr. Robert Morris
Ms. Yohanna M. Sowler ‘91
Mrs. Marjorie P. Stapleton
Mrs. Kathleen Stewart ’58 GPUS & Mr. James M. Stewart ’57 GPUS
Mrs. Marybelle Suczek
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Tomlinson
Mr. & Mrs. George Vamvakas

Mission and Commitment

1878 Founding Mission

The school's aim is to develop the total personality on a base of unquestioned academic excellence. 
Our mission is to empower students to develop intellectual curiosity, leadership and confidence to contribute to a complex and changing world. We challenge students to excel and to achieve their highest potential. We create opportunities for discovery and achievement by developing a faculty who foster the strengths of each student through the Curriculum for Understanding. We teach and practice the values of respect and responsibility in an emotionally and physically safe environment.

Adopted February 2012 by the University Liggett School Board of Trustees


To learn more about how your gift can make a difference in the Sure Foundations campaign, contact Kelley Hamilton at 313-884-4444, Ext. 410.


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