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    Excellence in Action – We shine a historical spotlight on Detroit and the Great Lakes region

    Since 2015,the social studies department has revitalized and localized the way history is taught at University Liggett School. Administrators and faculty were frustrated with the traditional approach to teaching history, which typically bounces around the country to famous places and events.The traditional approach to United States history usually ignores student passions, as well as connections between a students community and national trends over time.
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  • Paving the Future: Purchase your paver today!

    University Liggett School provides a special opportunity for alumni, friends and families.  You can purchase a brick paver for the new Boll Campus Center entrance courtyard and at the same time support the Sure Foundations campaign.
    The next installment of pavers will take place this Spring. Purchase your paver before April 15th to ensure that you make this round!

    Pavers come in two sizes:
    • 8” x 8” square bricks - $10,000: Contains space for up to 70 characters, 5 lines with 14 spaces per line. 

    • 4” x 8” rectangular bricks - $5,000: Contains space for up to 42 characters, 3 lines with 14 spaces per line. 

    For more information and to purchase a paver, visit www.uls.org/paverlegacy.  You can also contact Trisha Shapiro at 313.884.4444, ext. 411 or tshapiro@uls.org with questions or to purchase your paver.
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  • Opportunity in Action - Schaap Scholars connect with scholarship creator

    Since the first Schaap Scholarships were awarded in 2008, 35 eighth-grade students from Detroit Merit Charter Academy have had an opportunity to attend University Liggett School for four years.
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  • The X(ponential) Factor

    One of University Liggett School's most critical financial obligations is the execution of a spending policy that recognizes both our commitment to preserving and growing our endowment for the future, while maintaining spending levels for the here and now. We've made great strides in recent years toward building our endowment to a sustainable level and leveraging the fund.
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  • Focused on forever ... and a marshmallow or two

    By Kelley Hamilton, Associate Head of School for External Relations
    Why would I ever begin with a marshmallow reference? Because if one marshmallow is good, more marshmallows are great.

    Let me explain. You may be familiar with the infamous Marshmallow Experiment conducted in the '60s and '70s, but if not, a brief summary: Stanford researchers studying impulse control offered children a marshmallow.

    The researchers told the children that whoever didn’t eat his or her marshmallow during a short period when the researchers would leave the room, would be rewarded with another marshmallow when they returned. 

    Tracking the children through their lives, researchers found that those children who were able to delay gratification for a greater reward, performed better academically, socially, professionally and financially later in their lives.
    And at it’s most basic level, this is why University Liggett School created and works hard to grow its endowment. While taking great care to offer a premiere dynamic educational experience today, we must be as passionate about ensuring that experience is available well into future – outlasting even our personal connections with University Liggett School, for the greater good of the community and the world.
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