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Thank you!

Our family extends heartfelt thanks to you for being a change agent. The programs you initiated have raised the consciousness of the entire ULS community. As our children matriculated to their next life phases, your legacy expands beyond Grosse Pointe.
-- Dr. Marquita Bedway & Mr. Alger LaHood
Thank you, Headmaster Healey, for your keen understanding that superior education includes athletic competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Good luck to you in your next endeavors.
-- Jeffry Bauer ‘73

Thanks for your wonderful service to University Liggett School, and for being a terrific mentor and friend to me.
-- Mr. Bart Bronk
How fortunate University Liggett School ha sbeen to have you guide us through a difficult time.  I have so enjoyed my time spent with you.
-- Miss Muriel E. Brock
I am most grateful for all that you have done and do hope that you are leaving with a sense of genuine satisfaction about what has transpired during your years of leadership.
-- Dick Dahling 
Thank you Dr. Healey for your commitment to excellence at Liggett. Best wishes as you begin your next journey.
-- Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Dettlinger

Thank you, Dr. Healey, for trusting in me and supporting me in my academic pursuits. I hope you enjoy your retirement and continue to engage in your academic interests with your free time.
-- Best wishes, Tommy Fair '14
Dr. Healey, thanks so much for all you've done for Liggett - our family will forever be grateful for the violins, the ARP, and everything else you've brought to our community.
-- Ed, Colleen & Jimmy Fitzgerald
Thank you for your leadership over the last 10 years at Liggett. Your steadfast resolve has helped Liggett continue to offer the very best to its students. Thank you so much for your passion and dedication to the entire Liggett community.
-- Henry Ford III 
Dear Joe,
Thank you for your decade as our Head of School.  You rescued a sinking ship and restored the name and reputation of Liggett.  I wish you continued joy and fulfillment in your retirement. May your grandkids especially provide you with endless love and amusement!
--  Becky Gast
Joe often speaks of the “loving community” that is prevalent at University Liggett School. He is the one that has fostered that feeling of closeness within the community. He has brought that to the community by hiring faculty that are devoted to their students and by putting together a Board of Directors that care deeply about the school and its future. … Joe’s ability to engage everyone with the Curriculum for Understanding has been a huge effort and it is paying off.  The students are exposed to a new way of learning that they will carry with them forever. They will be able to adapt in this quickly changing world and they are being empowered to head out and conquer.  
-- Patsy Gotfredson 
Thank you for making Liggett a wonderful place for our children to grow!
-- Dr. & Mrs. Razmig Haladjian
Joe has put his heart and soul into University Liggett School over the past 10 years.  He has transformed the school with his tireless passion for teaching and learning, and through his educational philosophy, he realized his vision for the school’s curriculum.  I am proud to say that I have worked closely with Joe over the past six years and consider him a mentor and dear friend. Joe has made a tremendous impact on our school and on our community. He leaves a wonderful legacy and his hard work and vision will live on for years to come.
-- Kelley Hamilton
Glad your vision for the school is becoming a reality! Best of wishes to you and your family.
-- Gail Kachadourian Howe ‘89
Dear Joe,
Thank you for sending us your February 27 announcement describing your retirement from University Liggett School.
Jean and I have enjoyed our various discussions with you and salute you for the leadership you have given over ten years that has transformed the School.
The time comes for “all good men” to make a significant move.  Your decision is well understood and we both thank you for your ten year career at University Liggett and wish you well in your new undertakings.
-- Joseph L. Hudson, Jr
Remember Joe, "Just stand there!" Best of luck on your quest for a job!
-- Mr. & Mrs. George G. Jerome
Mazel tov!
-- Ms. Karen R. Katanick
Best Wishes!
-- Mr. David M. Katz & Ms. Jill L. Alper
Thank you for your inspiring leadership. We love Liggett in large part becasue of your vision and call to pursue passion.  Thank you for expanding the Liggett Community. We are so grateful.
-- Mr. Paul Kulka & Mrs. Kate DeSmet Kulka
Joe, thank you for your great leadership and dedication. I've really enjoyed getting to know you over the years and wish you all the best!
-- Ms. Lila M. LaHood
Dr. Healey, The Lorant Family wishes you the best! When my daughter, Danielle gave you a hug on stage at graduation, I knew you were part of the family.
-- Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lorant
Thank you, Dr. Healey, for your vision and leadership.  Best wishes in your retirement.
-- Michelle Franzen Martin and Kevin Martin
With appreciation and admiration
-- Mr. & Mrs. David McCauley
Thank you Joe for your dedication and vision. It changed history here at Liggett. We can't thank you enough for that.
-- Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy
Thank you for your leadership and vision, and for making much of that vision a reality. Enjoy your retirement!
-- Mr. & Dr. Herman McKenzie, Jr.
You came into our life and the life of  University Liggett School at such a pivotal time. Thank you is not enough to say to you for all you have done for so many. You made ULS a success for our community and for generations to come. 
-- Jim Mestdagh
Thank you for your vision that pulled us all together! Student Support Services Department
-- Student Support Services Department
The search committee's decision to hire you and your decision to accept the job and the challenge have proven rewarding
-- Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Platt
Please make this gift from: Mr. & Mrs. Gary Provenzano, Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Provenzano, -- Ms. Annalisa Provenzano and Mr. Adante Provenzano
Many thanks for a decade of exceptional leadership.
-- Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Robinson
Thank you for all you have done for our family.
-- Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Root
Thank you for the many great opportunites that you have given me during my time at Liggett.
-- Mr. Robert Root
Best wishes in your next journey.
-- Dr. Arlene Rozzelle & Mr. Donald Wray
Thank you for your leadership of the school and for the vision the C4U created for us.  I will always remember having dinner with you and colleagues at Harvard during the Project Zero Summer Institute- great conversation and a great learning experience.
-- Mr. Robert M. Shade
You will be greatly missed by our family.  Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement.
-- Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Solak
Joe will long be remembered for everything he has done for University Liggett School, and he will be greatly missed by the
school’s students, faculty, staff and Board of Trustees.
— John W. Stroh III, chair of the Board of Trustees
Many thanks for all the improvements at ULS during the past 10 years. Amazing job! I'm so happy we were able to meet and get to know each other.  All the best in retirement
-- Mr. & Mrs. Mathew A. VanderKloot
Wishing you all good things in your retirement. Thank you for your leadership!
-- Mrs. Andrea Weston & Mr. Greg Reed
Joseph P. Healy’s forward thinking and passionate energy for continuing to make Liggett an innovative place of learning and excellence has made him a legend in (recent) Liggett history.  He will be long remembered, and a most loved person within our Liggett community.
-- Dana Warnez ‘89
Thanks for your wonderful leadership!
-- Mrs. Anne D. Widlak
I am grateful that Joe gave his heart and soul to Liggett during his 10-year tenure. He established the Merit Scholarship program to broaden our learning community and spearheaded a new curriculum to include the academic research project. He came to the school during a critical period and thankfully can be honored with carrying out a campus transformation and campaign for the future. We wish you the best in your next chapter. 
-- David and Bernadine Wu
Thank you so much for the all-school strings program!  Have a long and healthy retirement!
-- Ms. Ping Xu & Mr. Mao Huang


University Liggett School, a top Metro Detroit private, independent school, is located at 1045 Cook Road Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236 313-884-4444
University Liggett School is a private preschool and kindergarten through 12th grade college preparatory school in Metro Detroit that is nationally recognized for its innovative curriculum and arts and athletics offerings.