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Muriel E. Brock Field Naming Initiative

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Muriel E. Brock Field Naming Giving Levels

University Liggett School – Gifts to Name the Field Hockey and Girls’ Lacrosse Field
In Honor of Coach Muriel E. Brock

To be included on this list, please consider giving a gift at www.uls.org/givetoBrock
All gifts to the Muriel E. Brock Field naming project are appreciated, and Miss Brock is notified of everyone who gives.
University Liggett School –
Gifts to Name the Field Hockey and Girls’ Lacrosse Field
In Honor of Coach Muriel Brock
Lead Donor
Lisa Black '77
$50,000 to $99,999
Martha and William Clay Ford Foundation
Elizabeth Ford Kontulis '79
$25,000 to $49,999
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Birgbauer, Bruce ’60 GPUS and Anne Wood ’62 GPUS
Mrs. Nena E. Dahling ’50 CDS
David E. McCoy '77 and Mary Anne McCoy
Dawn von Bernuth '74
$10,000 to $24,999
Jana Kirlin Brownell ‘74
Whitney Fite Clay ‘82
Anne Cudlip Finnegan '75
Susan S. Ford '63 GPUS
Weezie Henkel Gates ‘77
Mr. & Mrs. Britton L. Gordon, Jr.
Martha Ford Morse '66 GPUS
Sheila Peck Pettee '75
Mary McKean Roby '50 CDS & Patsy Roby Gotfredson '80
Paula Fischer Shorts ’66 GPUS
$5,000 to $9,999
Mrs. Kimberly Fruehauf Baubie '75
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Ford ‘96
Patty Perry Grebe '76, Gail Perry Janutol '73 & James B. Perry ‘70
Joseph P. Healey
Michelle, Laura '08 and Zachary Hicks
Josephine Ford Ingle ’67 GPUS & John Ingle, Jr.
Sandy McMillan ’56 GPUS & Family
Kristine L. Mighion '82
Jennifer Dow Murphy '78
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Petzold '58 GPUS
$1,000 to $4,999
Amy Cunningham Atkinson '79
Ann Cox Bartram '75
Sara Lewis Bassler '60 GPUS
Therese Hindle Chouinard ’75 and Richard Chouinard
Lyn Robinson Darden '58 GPUS
Suzie Sisman Decker ’58 GPUS & Family
Lore Moran Dodge ’68 GPUS
Ellen N. Fitzgerald '75
John and Biffy Fowler with Catherine, Pierson, Andrew and Emily
Betsy Heenan Fox ‘78
Sheila ’81 and Rick ’77 Fruehauf
Julie Johnson Granger ’77 and Kevin Granger ’72
Sally Walker Grieb '58 GPUS
Larry and Cathy Griffin
Kelley and Chad Hamilton
Marguerite Judge '76
Ms. Lila M. LaHood '92
Tomasine Polizzi Marx '78
Tracy Edwards Murtagh ‘82
BB McLeod '80
Carol E. Peters ‘75
Lisa Fruehauf Prast '80 & Albert Prast
Robin Duke Harris Russell '59 GPUS
Lynn and Jack Schneider
Mrs. Julie McNair Schwerin ‘77
Catherine Sphire Shell '79
Nancy Fruehauf Smith ‘78
Marjorie P. Stapleton
Barbara and Leland Thomas
Martha Jones Touchstone '66 GPUS
Esther Ford Walsh '79
Ms. Dana M. Warnez '89
Mary K. Warren '81
Kathy Maitland Waugaman '79
Margery Goddard Whiteman '58 GPUS
Mrs. Jean C. Witmer ’73
Kim Owens ’88 and J. Eric Wise ‘87
Janet Lynn Wood '73
Amy H. Woodhouse ‘76
Up to $999
Anonymous; Michele Kryszak Abraham '94; Jane Lord Andrews ’68 GPUS; Holly Angell ’67 GPUS; Karen Galsterer Auge ’89; David and Elaine Backhurst; Katie Renaud Baldwin ’74; Anne T. Barrett; Jeffry M. Bauer ’73; Karen Walker Beecher '83; Dr. Jennifer L. Bencie '80; Barbara & James Bierbusse; Margaret Vaughn Brickman ’67 GPUS; Linda Brown; Wilber M. Brucker III ’74; Mrs. Stacy Miller Buhler '82 and Mr. Kurt Buhler; Ethel Ogden Burwell; J. Armistead Burwell III ’89; Ann Butler; Laura A. Byron '87; Christine McNaughton Cameron '69 GPUS; Libby Candler '75; Katherine Leleszi Carbo ’96; Susie Carlson '86; Jennifer Cassie ’93; Sara Champion '59 GPUS; Susan Tettelbach Churchill '75; Janet Old Cochran '59 GPUS; Erika Teige Combs ’90 and James Combs ’90; Stephanie Fischer Connolly ’64 GPUS; Mrs. S. Ann Meader Cooper ’51 CDS; Janet Peters Cotten ’78; Martha Cox '60 GPUS; Carolyn Jacobson Cremins ’59 GPUS; Lynn Cudlip '75; “Montie” Newcomb Curtis '64 GPUS; Betsy Wood Dalrymple '68 GPUS; Susan Danaher ’75; Nancy Dau McNall; Lowell and Nancy Davis; Denise and Daniel Deane; Kim DeMeulemeester; Marie Valk Denholm ’69 GPUS; Peggy & Pete Dettlinger; Eva M. Dodds ’87; John A. Dodds ’90; Mr. and Mrs. J. McGregor Dodds '58 GPUS; Shelley White Dolan ’82 and Timothy J. Dolan; Ms. Gretchen A. Dorian ’68 GPUS; Mrs. Ethel Burwell Dowling ’78; Mrs. Cynthia M. Dreyfuss '87 & Mr. Peter J. Dreyfuss; Ellen Renick Durand ’79 and Peter Durand; Mrs. Eleanor H. Durno ’55 GPUS and Mr. John D. Durno; Claudia Eaton '75; Mr. & Mrs. George L. Ellis; Ned, Laura, Jody, Wendy & Laurie Evans; Kara A. Feemster ’96; Kay Felt; Mr. & Mrs. John H. Fildew '51 DUS; Gay Finch '60 GPUS; Hadley M. French ’70 GPUS; C. Deana Georgopoulos; Elizabeth T. Getz ’70 and Arthur H. Getz, Jr. ’67 GPUS; Anne E. Gravel ’81; Janice DuCharme Gunsaulus ’67 GPUS; Julie Ferry Hale ’60 GPUS; Mrs. Stephanie Hampton '58 GPUS; Glady Menge Hancock '60 GPUS; Michelle Stief Harm '84; Leticia Kuhnlein Helgans '79; Linda C. Heller '63 GPUS; Ms. Judy D. Hodges '77 & Mr. Peter S. Norton; Judy Williams Holmes ’74; Sally Peters Holzinger '79; Lorrie Candler Howenstein '57 GPUS; Celeste Y. Hubbard ’00; Beth Birgbauer Jackson '88; Joseph N. Jennings, Jr. ’61 GPUS and Wendy Jennings; Jane Jones '59 GPUS; Karen R. Katanick; Ann G. Sherer Kenney '83; Onnie Killefer '74; Victoria Kling ’77 and Cindy Kling Holmes ’78; Gail Kachadourian Howe ’89; Susan Ryan Knapp ’59 GPUS; Wendy Colby Krag '57 GPUS; Allison Kuhnlein ’77 and Ron Lang; Susan Hudson Laffrey '83; Susan Daume Lambretcht ’61 GPUS; Phyllis Ledyard '60 GPUS; Suzy Lincoln '60 GPUS; Katrina E. Linthorst-Homan ’91; Merritt Meade Loughran ’84; Peter K. Lutken III; Lesley M. MacLeod '88; Sarah Haggarty MacPhail '90; Mrs. Betsy Maitland '52 CDS & Mr. Gordon R. Maitland, Jr.; Holly McKinley Maitland '82; Gail Marentette; Margaret A. Marsh '83; Peggy and Joe Maycock ’48 DUS; Ms. Victoria M. McBrien '80; Ens. Stewart E. McLauren, USCG ’89; Elizabeth Meyers '72; Anne Boomer Milligan '73; Michael and Deborah Murphy; Elizabeth Weyhing Myers ’95; Elizabeth Mozena Niccolini ’93 and David Niccolini ’92; Elizabeth Fisher Pallante, MD '79; Mrs. Susan Shepard Patterson '59 GPUS; Merrill Robinson Peterson '77; Tricia Petzold; Lisa Burwell Reichard '80; Mrs. Jane W. Renaud ’41 LIG & Mr. Bruce J. Renaud; Jane Weaver Reuther ’55 GPUS and Alfred R. Reuther, Jr.; Lenita and Ray Robbins; Ms. Jean K. Robinson '74; Barbara Roman ’85; Judge Andrew Roraback; Charlie & Molly Roraback; Ms. Margaret Roraback; Kathleen Danaher Rybicki ’77; Rebecca Bierbusse Schaumloffel; Beth Ballantyne Schuller '71; Fred and Darcy Scott; Evelyn Scoville '81; Amy R. Shanle ’93; Margaret Van De Graaf Shannon '63 GPUS; Lloyd & Diane Simpson; Nancy R. Smith; Rebecca Smith-Coggins '75; Cara Stackpoole ’92 and Gordon Bolt; Romilly and Robert Stackpoole; Sarah Stackpoole ’90; Dana B. Standish ’74; Elizabeth A. Starrs '71; Laura and Adam Stifel; Bill Stockard ’62 GPUS; Jonathan D. Stone ’00; Tom and Marcia Taber; Mary K. Thorn; Ms. Edith B. Thurber '74 & Mr. Kevin O'Rourke; Mr. & Mrs. Peter P. Thurber; Jamie Todd, Jr. ’80; Mrs. Reba J. Torongo; Ms. Barbara Brucker Triggs '71; James & Beverly Veit; Elizabeth S. Wahl '81; Susan MacColl Walker '77; Tracy Heenan Walket ’66 GPUS; Connie Bavinger Walsh '73; Constance Parke Waterman '63 GPUS; Julie Sutherland Whitty ’75; Polly A. Williams; Jane Rueger Willis '59 GPUS; John P. ’46 DUS and Peggy Woodhouse; Chuck’66 GPUS and Jenny Wright
Special Donations:
Putter, Sneakers, Coach & Lucy Brock; Mocha, Tanner & Shadow Fowler; Russell Healey; Jimi Katanick
Updated 5/10/16
“Miss Brock was a great coach. She prepared us well for all scenarios and outcomes. The friendships I developed on the field were a big part of my positive experience. Miss Brock really created that kind of environment. I’m glad I got involved. It’s been fun. It makes me feel good to be part of this project - but above all to show support for Miss Brock - and to say thank you so much for everything - because she has really made a difference!” 
– Anne Cudlip Finnegan ‘75
“The greatest satisfaction I had as a coach was watching students develop their own personal qualities and going out into the world. As a coach you build the person as much as you build the team.”

– Coach Muriel Brock

Would you join us in honoring Coach Brock?

For more information about this initiative, please contact Kelley Hamilton at khamilton@uls.org or 313.884.4444, Ext. 410.


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