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Spotlight on students: 5s with Liggett Merit Scholars

Our Liggett Merit Scholars are some of the brightest minds on campus, so we dug a little deeper to find out what they think.

Taveon Colston ‘22
Liggett Merit Scholar

What are you passionate about, and how does University Liggett School allow you to explore that?
I am an ambitious, curious, innovative student who enjoys math and science.  I am passionate about learning and using new technology and University Liggett School allows me to do that.  From the use of electronic books, math applications, and online research, I feel my education at Liggett is preparing me for the future.

When are you at your best as a student? 

I am best as a student when I am in a setting that fosters learning and embraces different learning styles. 

If you could go back, would you choose University Liggett School again and why?

If I could go back, I would choose University Liggett School again because it offers me an experience that I could not receive any place else.  The small class sizes, challenging curriculum, and caring teachers provide a great environment for advanced learning which I am fond of.

What five words do you think describe you today? Are these the same 5 words that will describe you in 10 years — if not, what would those words be?

Five words I believe describe me today are: adaptable, diligent, responsible, intuitive, and optimistic. These are the same words that will describe me in ten years because they are required for me to live the type of life I desire.

What difference do you plan on making in the world?

The difference I plan on making in the world is leaving a positive influence on everyone I meet.