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Spotlight on giving: Dr. Karin Ryding

"I get a lot of requests for alumni donations, having three degrees from three different institutions: my undergrad school (Middlebury), the university where I got my masters degree (the American University of Beirut), and the university where I got my Ph.D. (Georgetown). I appreciate the education I received at all those places, but I feel deeply attached to Liggett, because it is where I grew up, where I had the closest friends, and because as a scholar looking back, I profoundly appreciate the quality of the University Liggett School faculty as well as their personal care and guidance through the rough times of adolescence. I feel privileged to be able to give back to University Liggett School and her traditions, and to contribute to her future." -- Dr. Karin Christina Ryding, '60 LIG

By including University Liggett School in your last will and testament, you are joining other generous alumni, parents and friends who are making an impact on the lives of others. Thoughtful estate planning helps to shape superior academic experiences, nurture outstanding teachers and enable talented and motivated students to attend the school.

If you have added University Liggett School to your estate plan, or would consider doing so, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Cressie Boggs, Director of Development, with questions or for more information at cboggs@uls.org or (313) 884-4444, Ext. 413.