Honoring our traditions. Building our future.

Focused on forever ... and a marshmallow or two

By Kelley Hamilton, Associate Head of School for External Relations
Why would I ever begin with a marshmallow reference? Because if one marshmallow is good, more marshmallows are great.

Let me explain. You may be familiar with the infamous Marshmallow Experiment conducted in the '60s and '70s, but if not, a brief summary: Stanford researchers studying impulse control offered children a marshmallow.

The researchers told the children that whoever didn’t eat his or her marshmallow during a short period when the researchers would leave the room, would be rewarded with another marshmallow when they returned. 

Tracking the children through their lives, researchers found that those children who were able to delay gratification for a greater reward, performed better academically, socially, professionally and financially later in their lives.
And at it’s most basic level, this is why University Liggett School created and works hard to grow its endowment. While taking great care to offer a premiere dynamic educational experience today, we must be as passionate about ensuring that experience is available well into future – outlasting even our personal connections with University Liggett School, for the greater good of the community and the world.
Endowment funds are vital to a sustainable economic future for the school. The principal returns and benefits are exponential – the greater our endowment, the more interest generated, which can be devoted to differentiating school initiatives without compromising our long-term financial security. 

This isn’t to say that operational costs and improvements to our campus are trivial investments.  To date, the Sure Foundations campaign has enjoyed tremendous success, raising more than 38 million in support of our school and students.  Through your generosity, key projects that have been completed to date include:

• The restoration of Liggett’s outdoor athletic fields, ensuring that the school’s long legacy of athletic success will continue well into the future;

• The establishment of the Liggett Merit Scholarship, which this year provided more than $388,000 in support of our exceptional students; and 

• The opening of the new Boll Campus Center, a state-of-the-art community center that includes a premiere athletic facility and space where University Liggett School students, families, alumni and the surrounding community can gather

Now, I’m inviting you to take part in the next phase of the Sure Foundations campaign, where we squarely focus on the future, together. Funds raised through the endowment phase of the campaign will support us in three key areas – our Tradition of Opportunity, our Tradition of Innovation and our Tradition of Excellence – while supporting a strong financial base that ensures our school can meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

We’re including more detail about what these “endowment traditions” comprise below, so that you understand the significant (and endlessly appreciated) difference your support makes.

We are genuinely grateful for your support of our school community and thank you in advance for stepping forward to join us on this path to sustainability –which, of course cannot be paved with a single marshmallow.


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