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The Dahling Family Challenge

In memory of, Nena Cunningham Dahling ’50 CDS, and in recognition of our mutual deep appreciation for University Liggett School the Dahling boys, -- William ’74, Richard ’77 and Peter ‘85 – have launched the Dahling Family Challenge. The Dahling Family Challenge, which is funded with a bequest from Nena Dahling and support from William, Richard and Peter,seeks to raise money for three school priorities, -- opportunity, innovation and excellence -- as supported by the Endowment Fund. The goal of the Dahling Family Challenge is to raise $250,000. William, Richard and Peter will be matching gifts as long as all donations and/or pledges are made on or before June 30th.

Give to the Dahling Family Challenge

Reverend George E. Andrews II
Mrs. Amy Cunningham Atkinson '79
Bridget McKeever Bettigole '86 and Kyle Bettigole
Ms. Elizabeth D. Black '77
Cressie and Bryan Boggs
Mrs. Sheila Book
Miss Muriel E. Brock
Mrs. Jana Brownell '74 & Mr. Stephen C. Brownell
Doris Ann Brucker '47 CDS
Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell, Jr.
Lynne Garred Cameron '77
Mr. Charles H. Carroll '74
Mrs. Martha K. Coates '70 LIG
Dr. Bernadette M. Cracchiolo '74
The Thomas and Carol Cracchiolo Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Courtland B. Cunningham '86
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Cunningham II '82
Mr. Peter W. Dahling '85 & Ms. Caroline B. Davis
Mr. Richard P. Dahling '77 & Mrs. Nancy Sanborn
Mr. William D. Dahling, Jr. '74 & Ms. Kimberly Devlin
Ms. Gillian Darlow '85 and Mr. Chris Jones
The Darr Family
Suzie Sisman Decker '58 GPUS
Develop Michigan Real Estate Fund LP
Mr. Clifford S. Dirksen '74
Mrs. Ellen K. Doyle '74
Mr. & Mrs. W. Clark Durant III '67 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Evans III '57 GPUS
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Farley '74
Mr. & Mrs. Eric O. Fornell '74
Mrs. Betsy Heenan Fox '78 & Mr. Douglass R. Fox
Mrs. Mary Anne Frank '77
Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Fruehauf III '77
Mrs. Janet A. Fruehauf '50 LIG & Mr. H. Richard Fruehauf, Jr. '48 DUS
Mr. Alex M. Girard '74
Mrs. Hugh E. Gommel
Reverend & Mrs. James E. Greer II '74
Jason and Stacey Hall
Kelley and Chad Hamilton
Dr. Joseph P. Healey
Miss Faye T. Higbie
Judith Williams Holmes '74 Fund
Ms. Elizabeth A. Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar C. Howbert '55 GPUS
Mrs. Sally W. Ingold '50 CDS
Dr. Naoum P. Issa '85
Mr. James Jarosik '77 & Ms. Deborah Perelmuter
Mrs. Mary Fay Kattman '74
Ms. Allison A. Kuhnlein '77 & Ron Lang
Jeffrey '85 and Deborah Lambrecht
Ms. Cindy Lee
LVM Capital Management, Ltd.
Jens Mammen and Carey Ford Mammen
Mrs. Suzanne Nicholson '59 CDS
Northern Trust
Mrs. Elaine Peck
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford N. Pensler '74
Mr. John R. Peracchio '78 & Mrs. Lisa Cracchiolo Peracchio '78
Mr. David L. Peters '74
Sheila Peck Pettee '75
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Platt
Mrs. Jane W. Reuther '55 GPUS & Mr. Alfred R. Reuther, Jr.
Ms. Jean K. Robinson '74
Mrs. Mary M. Roby '50 CDS
Ms. Barbara A. Roman '85
Mrs. Kathleen D. Rybicki '77
Mr. Thomas Schellenberg & Ms. Joan Young
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Scoggin
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence M. Scoville III '85
Ms. Dana B. Standish '74
Mr. Michael J. Swaney '85
Ms. Edith B. Thurber '74 & Mr. Kevin O'Rourke
Mr. Paul H. Townsend, Jr.
Mrs. Sarah L. Tripodi '77
Ms. Victoria Ann Urban '77
Carl and Dawn von Bernuth '74
Mr. Steven G. Vreeken '85
Janet Lynn Wood '73
Mr. Daniel J. Wood '85
Drs. David '83 & Bernadine Wu