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Gifts to The Honor Dr. Healey Campaign

To be included on this list, please consider giving a gift.
All gifts to the Campaign to Honor Dr. Healey are appreciated, and Dr. Healey is notified of everyone who gives.
Healey Campaign Gifts – as of 6-14-17

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ahee
Robin and John Bandos
Marquita Bedway and Alger LaHood
Cressie and Bryan Boggs
Mrs. John L. Booth
Muriel Brock
Bart and Chrissy Bronk
Mrs. Linda M. Brown
William and Cindy Brusilow
Melissa A. Buescher
Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell, Jr.
Ms. Libby C. Candler '75
Ms. Melissa Connell
Mrs. Garre-Rae Croswell
The Darr Family
Peggy and Pete Dettlinger
Paul and Cheryl Dube
Mr. & Mrs. Craig F. Durno
Mrs. Susan Dyson '61 GPUS
Jane Petzold Enterline
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Evans III
Mr. Thomas C. Fair '14
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund J. Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Foust
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Fowler
Mrs. Michelle Franzen Martin & Mr. Kevin J. Martin
Mr. William T. Gersch
Dr. & Mrs. Georges B. Ghafari
Mrs. Patsy R. Gotfredson '80 & Mr. Edward C. Gotfredson
Mrs. Lee Ann Gusmano & Mr. Mark Szymanski
Mr. George A. Haggarty '59 GPUS
Dr. & Mrs. Razmig Haladjian
Kelley and Chad Hamilton
Mrs. Gail P. Harley
Ms. Michelle R. Hicks
Ms. Patricia Inge & Mr. Cary Marshall
Ann and George Jerome
Ms. Meredith B. Jones '88
Ms. Karen R. Katanick
David Katz and Jill Alper
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Kontulis II
The Kulka Family
Ms. Lila M. LaHood '92
The Lorant Family
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Malewicz
Richard and Jane Manoogian Foundation
Patrick and Mary Mansfield
Mrs. Gail R. Marentette
Mr. & Mrs. David McCauley
Mr. & Mrs. David E. McCoy
Herman and Linda McKenzie
Mr. & Mrs. Neil R. Mitchell
Martha F. Morse '66 GPUS
David and Kristin Nicholson
Student Support Service Department
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford N. Pensler '74
Diane and Richard Platt
Gary and Carrie Provenzano
Miss Annalisa Maria Provenzano '11
Mr. Adante M. Provenzano '14
Dr. Anthony M. Provenzano
Maria Randazzo
Mr. & Mrs. Scott A. Reilly
Mrs. Jane W. Renaud '41 LIG & Mr. Bruce J. Renaud
Mr. & Mrs. Cedomir Ristic
Thomas and Laura Robinson
Robert Root
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Root
Donald Wray and Arlene Rozzelle
Mr. Robert M. Shade
Trisha and M.G. Shapiro
Mr. Jeffrey Smith & Mrs. Lisa Vallee-Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Solak
Mrs. Romilly B. Stackpoole
Mr. John W. Stroh '78 & Mrs. Vivian W. Day '75
Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Sun
Miss Renata Maria G. Szymanski
The Elizabeth, Allan & Warren Shelden Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Fabrice Valiot
Mat VanderKloot
Susan Laurence Wehmeier
Andrea Weston and Greg Reed
Ms. Hilary E. Whittaker '47 CDS
Anne D. Widlak
Mrs. Beth M. Wood '89 & Mr. Douglas M. Wood '90
Drs. David '83 & Bernadine Wu
Ms. Ping Xu & Mr. Mao Huang
Drs. Christopher and Marsha Zingas
Mrs. Mary Anne Zinn