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Dr. Katharine Ogden Endowment Initiative

Perhaps the most beloved member of The Liggett School faculty was the legendary Dr. Katharine Ogden whose 36 years as a stern, but loving headmistress positively influenced the lives of countless young women and defined the Liggett School experience. The Dr. Katharine Ogden Endowment Initiative is part of our broader Sure Foundations campaign and it offers you a special opportunity to make a gift to Liggett what will provide a lasting benefit to our current and future students and faculty and staff … in the same way that Dr. Ogden provided you with the educational background that has benefitted you for a lifetime.

A Glimpse from the Past:

Recently we came across some Liggett School film footage and it contains some silent, but charming, scenes from life on the Burns Avenue campus. These clips are a glimpse into the past and they contain some fun images of the May Queen, her court and of course Miss Ogden. Be sure to let us know if you are in any of these clips – as we’d love to know more about what was happening in some of these scenes.

Click below for a trip down memory lane:


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