Honoring our traditions. Building our future.

Young Lives Are Shaped. Alumni Go On To Shape The World

For University Liggett School to remain a preeminent academic institution, a place where young lives are shaped and our alumni go on to shape the world, we will raise $50 million through our Sure Foundations campaign. This campaign is vital for accomplishing our priorities.


Priority #1
Invest in our campus to ensure that our students and members of the Liggett community have an opportunity to have access to the finest athletic fields, facilities and classroom space.
Priority #2
Build for the future by increasing our endowment, which will be used to retain top faculty, give students access to the most advanced technology, maintain our enrollment and endow the Liggett Merit Scholars program in perpetuity to ensure that our region’s best and brightest students can have access to a Liggett education.
Priority #3
Secure annual gift funding for operations. Annual support enhances academic and extracurricular programs, faculty enrichment and other vital school operations and keeps the Liggett community connected and engaged.

“The Sure Foundations campaign unites our past, present and future.”
– Kelley Hamilton, Associate Head of School for External Relations