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Inspired Giving: Dr. Katharine Ogden Endowment Initiative

At University Liggett School we know that giving is personal. Some of our alumni give to make a difference; others feel a sense of satisfaction or value by giving. You can give because you believe in a cause or just because it makes you feel good. Giving is a great way to honor a loved one, set an example for our students or to honor a teacher, a classmate, a friend, or someone you knew at University Liggett School - someone who influenced you while you were here and left an indelible impression on your life. Here, we feature some dedicated opportunities to give in honor of a beloved teacher, a beloved coach or a beloved classmate.

Dr. Katharine Ogden Endowment Initiative

Perhaps the most beloved member of The Liggett School faculty was the legendary Dr. Katharine Ogden whose 36 years as a stern, but loving headmistress positively influenced the lives of countless young women and defined the Liggett School experience.
The Dr. Katharine Ogden Endowment Initiative is part of our broader Sure Foundations campaign and it offers you a special opportunity to make a gift to Liggett that will provide a lasting benefit to our current and future students and faculty and staff ... in the same way that Dr. Ogden provided you with the educational background that has benefitted you for a lifetime.

"We all admired and respected Miss Ogden. In the 1960s, we were 'Liggett Ladies,' and we were expected to behave as ladies. We certainly learned respect and proper decorum from Miss Ogden," Susan Stuckey Thoms LIG '66.

Thanks to a generous posthumous gift of $10,000 from Mary Louise Drennen LIG '39, we have already begun raising money for this important initiative. Now we ask you, our alumni to make a gift in honor of Miss Ogden on or before June 22, 2019 - 55th Anniversary of "Katharine Ogden Day" as proclaimed by then Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavanaugh upon her retirement in 1964. Help us keep Miss Ogden's legacy alive so that future students and families can be reminded of her important, positive and lasting influence on our school.