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Spotlight on leadership: University Liggett School Board of Trustees Chair David Nicholson

We asked David Nicholson to share what drives his service to the school and vision for its future.

Of all the professional and volunteer interests and obligations competing for your time, why is involvement with and leading University Liggett School board a priority?
Foremost, my entire family is engaged at University Liggett School. It is rare that a volunteer activity can engage myself, my wife, and our two sons. Although our contributions are very different, we each have a shared goal of making University Liggett School a better place for not only this generation but for the next. Additionally, involvement at the school fulfills my interest in education and our community. I enjoy being part of University Liggett School's progressive education model, which teaches kids how to think for the world they will live in, and the University Liggett School experience will continue to play a role in keeping Grosse Pointe an attractive place to live.  

There is a significant amount of change and progress occurring within the school as president, how will you ensure the board trains its eyes on the future while honoring our rich legacy?

The University Liggett School board has a strong history of servant leadership, which I hope to continue during my tenure. To ensure our legacy is enhanced over the near term, the board will focus its service through thoughtful oversight and being ambassadors for the school. Oversight requires us to ensure the school is financially stable and our values are preserved. We achieve this through an active dialogue with the administration. 

Secondly, we share the role of University Liggett School ambassadors with every teacher, student, alumni, administrator and staff member. To be good ambassadors, this year we are taking a deep dive into each division to understand how they approach the University Liggett School experience. This will help the board not only articulate the vision for todays school community but talk with potential University Liggett School families and donors, all of which are critical to the long term success of the school.

As a parent of two students, what do you appreciate most about the University Liggett School experience?

Like many, my wife and I were initially drawn to University Liggett School for its small class sizes. After several years, I have learned the magic of the University Liggett School experience is the teachers, staff and administrators. They have each found their personal passion to be on a team which develops children into responsible young men and women, and individuals who learn to read, write and think through exploring their own passions. The University Liggett School experience is not class size but the men and women who arrive at Cook Road every morning to make every students life a little better.

Complete our new dynamic tagline (Advancing _______ Since 1878) with a word (or words) that reflect what you hope to accomplish with the board this year.

(Advancing the transformation of children into responsible young men and womenSince 1878)